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ective technology training and coaching the way YOU want it. Whether it is for a group or individual,
onsite or online, there is sure to be something valuable to use to make what you do a bit more effective.  New content is added weekly and announced on The One Idea Blog.

Your friendly Technology Coach, David Kimball, has been working with technology since the days of the computer being run from a floppy drive with no hard drive (remember that?)  Back when "surfing" the Internet meant using command prompts on a black screen and mice only existed to scare his wife.

Through the years, David has taught High School and Adult Business and Computer classes, coached teachers from Pre-K through High School how to best use technology to do what they do better, and solved many a computer problem.  He lives with his wonderful wife and four children, ages 10 to 18.

Here at Linden Unified, David Kimball helps motivated teachers understand how to effectively integrate technology in their instruction so they can make multiple individual impacts on their students' future, leave a legacy, and thrive professionally.