Google Classroom
How to Use PDF Worksheets
in Google Classroom

Would you like to electronically share a worksheet with your students and have them
fill it out in Google Classroom?  Now you can!  There are two different ways to accomplish this, depending on the ability of your students.  So pick one below and follow the instructions to save time and paper, as well as being a very cool technology integrationist!


Editing PDF Worksheets

        PDF Escape Method
     The teacher does the upfront work to prepare the worksheet by creating answer boxes to be easily used by the student.

Step by Step

Prepare Your Worksheet
With PDF Escape
Step 1

Distribute Worksheet to Students in Google Classroom

Step 2

Students Complete
Worksheet and Turn In
Step 3

    Kami Method
     No extra preparation work for the teacher as students learn the app that has easy to use tools to key in answers.