60 Ways Teachers Can Use Google Classroom

posted Jan 11, 2016, 1:23 PM by David Kimball   [ updated Jan 13, 2016, 1:02 PM ]
The suggested ways to use Google Classroom are math specific, but please do not limit yourself to that subject only.  Be creative and adapt some of these ideas to any subject.

  1. Create a blended classroom: Google Classroom is the perfect tool to transform a traditional class into a blended model.
  2. Go paperless: There are many ways that Google Classroom can support a paperless classroom. Stop standing at the copy machine and use Google Classroom instead.
  3. Distribute handouts: It is easy to attach files that are either in Google Drive or on the computer. Attach handouts to an announcement or assignment to allow students to easily access.
  4. Collect homework: The homework collection process can take many instructional minutes. Eliminate this by having students submit their work in Google Classroom.
  5. Return work: Passing student work back in Google Classroom is as simple as checking
  6. Use equation editor: Attach Google text documents to assignments. Google Docs has an equation editor built in. Directions and questions can include equations made with the equation editor. Students can respond using the equation editor.
  7. Digitally collect student work: If student complete their work on paper they can use the Google Classroom app to take a picture of the work and submit. Students can insert a snapshot of their paper work via the webcam into a Google Doc to submit to Google Classroom.
  8. Post solutions: Students can check their work by locating solutions attached to the assignment in Google Classroom. Editing the assignment after it is due, documents can be attached to the assignment that allow students to view the solutions.
  9. Post problem of the week: Google Classroom makes it easy for student to locate the problem of the week (POW). Attach to an optional assignment. Participating students can submit their work straight to Google Classroom.
  10. Link to interactive simulations: Several websites have interactive math simulations that can help students have a better understanding of math concepts. Google Classroom gives the ability to link to websites as part of lesson sets. Rather than relying on students typing in the correct URL into their browser students can simply click on the link in Google Classroom.

Here are the other 50 ways.