And the winner is ....

posted Mar 15, 2017, 11:41 AM by David Kimball   [ updated Mar 15, 2017, 12:02 PM ]
In a recent fun game, I asked if you could guess what technology integration tool is being used in this picture.  The first one to guess would win a $5 Subway gift card.

Did you figure it out?  Take a look at the next picture for your hint.

If you guessed Google Cast, you are correct!  This group of students is giving an oral presentation from a place in the room they chose.  When this group finishes, another gets up with their own Chromebook, goes to where they want, Casts to the teacher's computer which is connected to the projector and off they go.  What use to be a 5 to 10 minute transition is now down to a minute or two!

You will not see any connected wires or hardware.  There is only a one-time setting to be made on the student Chromebook and teacher's computer to make it all work wirelessly!  Takes 10 seconds for the student and just a couple of minutes for the teacher. 

Think about this.  Students now have control over their own presentation from creation to presenting.  They set it up, move to the next slide when they are ready, and even play audio.  It all runs through the teacher's desktop, so you have control over who Casts their Chromebook up to the screen.  Not only does this make for much more independent and smoother running student presentations, but also when the class is working on a project or activity, you can have that student show their screen to the class for a myriad of reasons.  I am sure you have already come up with your own ideas!  (On a related topic, here are some ways to take your students' presentation skills to the next level. I am happy to present this to your class broken down to their level of understanding.)

And NOW for the winner.  The FIRST one to correctly identify the technology integration tool as Google Cast is Noah Kepner at LHS.  Congratulations Noah!  Your gift card will arrive to you soon after the P.O. gets approved :-).

In addition to correct answers, I received two that deserve an honorable mention:

The Over Analytic honorable mention goes to Mary at Glenwood:

I see the students are giving an oral presentation in Science on Volcanoes.  I also hope they had a Language Arts piece that went to this, such as writing. If the teacher was really smart she would have incorporated David Kimball and his typing club. I like how they used their technology to present a power point/ google slides show. It would be really cool if they used some hyperdocs too!!

And Jeremiah takes great PRIDE in receiving the most humorous honorable mention:

If technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes; machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge, then I say that the simple machine clothespins on the wall are seamlessly integrated into this happy classroom.

For your reward, feel free to much on any snack available in the teacher lounge.

Thank you to all who participated and if you would like Google Cast to be used in YOUR classroom, then get started with my February 28th blog post.