Quizlet Study Game

The game asks students to compete in teams to answer questions from any of Quizlet’s 100 million sets of study questions. Teachers select the questions and view the results on their screen. The game is available for free on computers and tablets.

Jennifer Santiago, a French teacher at Lansing Middle School in New York, had already been using Quizlet, but after she began beta testing Quizlet Live, she started utilizing it in a new way.

“I used to use Quizlet, the regular version, if I was going to be absent,” Santiago said. “It was a good vocabulary review tool. Students would use my sets of questions or their own to work individually during class. Now that I can have them review in groups, it makes a whole new classroom dynamic.”

She also saw her students’ engagement rise.

“I’ve had the laptop cart in my classroom for a number of reasons,” Santiago said. “But this is the first time that students have come in asking to play a review game. They get really disappointed if we’re not playing Quizlet Live.”

She’s seen her students become unexpectedly excited about, of all things, test review.

“Before I had no idea if they were reviewing, and I assumed they weren’t,” Santiago said. “Now a lot of my students practice beforehand so they can win the Quizlet Live review. I didn’t ask my students to share their feedback on the tool with me, but I have yet to meet a student who doesn’t love it.”