Smoother Substitute Days

I have a great idea to make the days you are gone fun and a bit more productive. Audio record your day that will sync with the breaks, lunch, and end of day bell.   It does take some time to initially set up but is not as difficult as you might think and I did it very effectively.  If the substitute pushed play at the exact time the bell rang, then the audio took over and gave instructions throughout the day with my voice.  And at the exact moment when the bell rang, my voice on the audio said, “there’s the bell.  Have a great day!”  When I came back from a day off, my students asked how I could possibly have known when the bell rang.  It was great fun and kept them on task much more effectively.  If you would like to get this working in your classroom, let me know!


 Looking for Examples

I am at the beginning stages of building a video library of ways teachers are using various technology devices in their classroom.  Do you have an upcoming lesson that I may record? Along with this, I will ask you to give a brief explanation.  No need to worry, this will be an easy thing to do and can even limit what you say to audio, leaving out the video of you.  What do you say?  Please say yes!


Educational Technology Conference in Turlock

Have you heard of (or been to) a Google Summit?  There is a similar but much bigger local event at CSU, Stanislaus, put on by the Stanislaus Office of Education that hosts over 100 sessions on a wide variety of topics to integrate technology into education.  Check out the specific workshops being offered.  This will be my second time presenting and it is loads of fun!  The cost is $80 for this Friday night and Saturday event that happens February 24-25, so there is still time to register.   Here is the general info.  Sure hope to see you there!