Higher Order Thinking and Learning

If you would thoroughly know anything, teach it to others.   ~ Tryon Edwards

Do you know what the most surest way to check for understanding?  Have your student teach the concept, fact, etc., to another student.  This can be done one-on-one, through the writing down of steps, or even creating a short how-to video.  This forces them to really think through the process and deepens their knowledge, ability, and confidence.  Imagine the possibilities if each of your students were the go-to expert for a specific thing, especially using a device!  You could even take it a step further and create an online knowledge base for reference to be used by your current and future students, as well as those in other classes at the same grade level or subject.  It is easier than you realize to make this happen.  I am happy to help you get started with a personalized Strategy Session.


 i-Ready Mid-Year Diagnostics

 If you use i-Ready, it is time for a check up to see how your students are progressing. 

 Get mid-year Diagnostic checklist

See ideas for how to prepare students for the mid-year Diagnostic

How to monitor Diagnostic completion


          Are You Bait for a Good Catch?

When was the last time you went fishing?  Lately, there have been a lot people trying to take you on a phishing trip.  Notice the spelling change?  Phishing is an Internet and e-mail scam that attempts to get your personal information, money, or both.   Rames Creel, the County IT Director has some great advice for you:


We are seeing quite a few “ransomware” phishing email messages coming in. In a few cases, attachments (that look like Microsoft Word documents) have been opened, triggering the encryption of files and holding the data for “ransom”. This encryption is so good, we are unable to decrypt the files and folks have lost data!

Please verify the sender and “reasonableness” of incoming messages and use caution when opening email attachments.

Remember the e-mail scandal that rocked the elections?  It all started because someone fell for a phishing scam.  Phishing campaigns also disguise themselves in the form of an authentic looking pop up while you are on the Internet.  Check out the attached screen shot of one recent attempt on a Linden teacher.  She did not fall for it and neither should you.  If you are ever in doubt, do not open the attachment, click on the given link, or call the number.  You will probably be scammed or possibly wreak havoc on your device or even the District network.  Instead, give Luis or Anthony a call to check it out for you.